Tamiya Terra Crusher

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Tamiya Terra Crusher

Post by Jam Racing 1 on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:17 pm

I bought this truck around the year 2000, since i got it i have added lots of alloy goodies to it....
It has a New Era 4.7 mm plate chassis, 8 Integy shocks with special mods to keep them from leaking as most of these seem to do...
We did a forward only conversion on the transmission to eliminate reverse which never did work right, The engine is an OS .18 CVRX with a tiger drive starter on it... the lower chassis braces are alloy also.....
the C hubs are alloy with alloy knuckles and recently installed 17mm hex drives, the plastic drive axles and drive bones are all gone in favor of bones and axles all from a Tamiya TNX, alloy bulkheads are also installed and hardened steel drive parts in the differentials, all in all it is a fun truck to play with and can give bigblock trucks fits on the track because it handles great and is just as fast in the tighter places......

Here is a pic of stock on the left and what it became on the right....

Here are a couple pics of it minus the body

With the body on....

Couple of action pix from time bashing at the water park here in town

New tuned pipe I got on an e bay deal....

Final pics of the RPM wheels and 17mm hexes recently added also....

Thanks for looking at another of my toy trucks  :)
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