HPI Savage truck

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HPI Savage truck

Post by Jam Racing 1 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:56 pm

I got this truck as a box of parts  for the good price of 120 dollars from another guy on a forum... it was filthy dirty and missing quite a few pieces and parts, the transmission was missing completely but another buddy had one I paid 25 bux for. I rebuilt every single component of the truck and added many hopup parts.....

as I got it in the mail.....

I rebuilt both front and rear differentials with alloy diff cups instead of the plastic that was in it stock to keep the gears aligned and working....

Stock differential parts

Alloy differentials ready to install.....

Engine is an Axial .32 that came in the box of parts, but I did install alloy clutch parts to hold up to the power of the engine

as you can see it needed a complete cleaning and refreshing...

I also scored a full set of alloy Big Bore shocks to put on it and they look great and work just as well, they use all the internals of the HPI bigbore shocks so i built them up with those parts.....

This truck was a bunch of fun restoring and bashing and it will last many many seasons of fun....
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